USPS Tracking

In this era, many of us using international shipping provider to send our package to other countries easily. You can even do all the processes online – all by yourself! You don’t even need to go anywhere. USPS tracking can take your package from your home and provide easy online tracking. USPS tracking also has several benefits and you can see all information in this article.

International Mail Service

1. Global Express Guaranteed (1-3 Business Days)

Global Express Guaranteed® benefit gives our quickest universal transportation administrations. Get focused global transportation rates and date-certain worldwide conveyance with a cash back guarantee2 to in excess of 180 nations.

Worldwide transportation and conveyance gave by FedEx Express. From $64.50 at Post Office areas and on the web.


2. Priority Mail Express International (3-5 Business Days)

Reasonable and quick global conveyance to in excess of 180 nations with an unconditional promise to choose nations. Level Rate universal delivery costs and free dispatching supplies accessible. From $42.50 at Post Office areas and on the web.

3. Priority Mail International (6-10 Business Days)

Dependable and reasonable approach to send letters and bundles to in excess of 180 nations. In addition, get Flat Rate worldwide delivery valuing and free sending supplies. From $24.95 at Post Office areas and on the web.

4. First-Class Mail International (Affordable International Service)

Our most moderate alternative for postcards, envelopes, and pads. Send anything up to 4 lbs (can’t surpass $400 in esteem) to in excess of 180 nations. From $1.15 at a Post Office

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5. First-Class Package International Service (Affordable International Service)

A sparing method to send little bundles to in excess of 180 nations. Can send mail pieces up to 4 lbs. (can’t surpass $400 in esteem). Limitations may apply in light of nation goal. From $10.00 at Post Office areas and on the web.


How to Calculate Your Postage Correctly

Ensure you’re not coming up short on or overpaying on postage. At the point when a bundle is sent with erroneous postage, it might defer its conveyance and the beneficiary can be charged for postage due.

1. Round up on weights. USPS tracking gathers together to either the following pound (lb) or ounce (oz). For instance, if your bundle measures 3 lbs 5 oz, it would be charged at the 4 lb-rate. On the off chance that you have a First-Class Package Service-Retail™ that weighs 7.3 oz, it must be charged at the 8 oz-rate. This applies to all mail classes—local and global.

2. Confirm the mail class. For instance, First-Class Package Service-Commercial™ must be utilized for bundles under 15.999 oz while making a name through a PC Postage merchant, anything over as far as possible should be sent with Priority Mail® benefit. What’s more, Regional Rate Boxes An and B have 15 and 20 lbs constrains individually.

3. Check the measurements. Dimensional weight may apply to your bundling. This may apply for Priority Mail bundles with volumes over a cubic foot and voyaging 5 zones or more. Enter your bundle’s measurements to guarantee you are precisely charged for Dim Weight. Find out About Dimensional Weight.

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4. Match the mark to the bundling. USPS tracking gives an extensive variety of transportation alternatives to enable you to meet your mailing needs. Ensure that the name you are utilizing matches the bundling. For instance, on the off chance that you are utilizing a Flat Rate box, you ought to likewise utilize a Flat Rate mark. Or on the other hand anything sent in Priority Mail® bundling requires a Priority Mail mark.

5. Place the name on the long side of the case. Names ought not wrap over the closures or edges and all standardized tags should look up a similar way.

6. Twofold check the zone. In the event that you are utilizing PC Postage programming, check that the beginning location is progressive before printing the name. If you don’t mind note USPS charges for zones not ZIP Codes™, to get a zone graph for your ZIP Code utilize the Postal Calculator.

Shipping Restriction

Would you be able to alcohol? Beer? Cigarettes? Fruits and vegetables? In the event that you have any inquiries concerning regardless of whether the substance of your shipment can be sent by USPS tracking, counsel the arrangements of disallowed and confined things underneath. The rundowns are not comprehensive, so in case you’re searching for data not secured underneath, please allude to the assets accessible under Helpful Links.

All denied residential things are additionally disallowed from being dispatched globally. In any case, a few things that are precluded from being dispatched globally can transported locally, with a few limitations. Prohibited domestic items for shipping are air bags, ammunition, explosives, gasoline and marijuana (medical or otherwise)

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