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Canada Post Tracking Methods and How Accurate It Is

First thing that you must know about Canada Post is that it has a system of five day delivery a week. It is different than FedEx or UPS in that it is a postal office and not a courier.
However, just like the U.S, Canada has similar delivery methods as well, a combination of delivery to the grouped boxes in apartments, to the door in dense urban areas or some suburban subdivisions.
Canada Post tracking system too is no different than its counterparts. You can keep track of your package shipment online and for free below.

Canada Post

If you are concerned about the status of your package shipment, then go to https:// .
It is an online tracking service where you can get the information about the shipment status of your parcel.
The link will redirect you to the tracking page and you simply need to enter the tracking number and choose the courier. In this case, you intend to get Canada Post tracking info so click the Canada Post one.
Then click the “Track” button and the website will gather the information regarding your parcel shipment. It’s very easy and doesn’t require you to go through any hassle.

The Accuracy of Canada Post Tracking

To put it simply, Canada post tracking system is accurate. Scanning records only have three data bits, namely location, tracking number as well as time.
The location ones are determined by the way equipment is configured at processing as well as delivery centers and it is actually one at a time event until a scanner is moved. 

The time, on the other hand, is ascertained by a standard clock chip as well as synchronized from a master system periodically. Bottom line, the scanning performance is at 99.5%.

As for the rate itself, since Canada Post operates within the country in general it is understandable why they have different prices than UPS or FedEx.
The cheaper prices pretty much happens in domestic packages all the time since Canada Post has infrastructures throughout the entire country. It also has the assets and ability to distribute the parcels quickly on scheduled route.

Bottom line, Canada Post is superior when it comes to rural points and residential addresses. Another plus point is its convenience for the receiver to benefit from all Canada Post’ retail offices should a delivery can’t be affected.

With all of its convenience, the fact that Canada Post tracking system is also fairly easy makes this one of the most trusted mail delivery facilities.

The Easiest Way to Do DHL Tracking

DHL Express has always been one of the great options for international shipments. It is a division of Deutsche Post DHL and is a worldwide logistics firm that links more than 220 countries and territories in the world.

This international courier ships almost 7 million items around the world on a daily basis and that’s why doing DHL tracking is almost a necessity so you can make sure your parcel is shipped and not lost somewhere.

Find out how to track your DHL shipment below.

Simple DHL Tracking

Online tracking service websites always come in handy for tracking your parcels. One reliable website that can effectively track your parcels with no such hassle is .

This free online tracking service allows you to track your parcels from different international couriers including DHL. Simply click on the link and it will bring you to the tracking page. 

Enter your tracking number and choose DHL as the courier.

Then click the Track button and let the website to gather the information on your shipment. And voila! The status of your shipment is laid down in front of you in detail. The DHL tracking system provides shipment status by entering the DHL tracking number only. You don’t need to provide your name or any details regarding your package.

The Upside of Choosing DHL

DHL offers outstanding service and it delivers stuff globally very efficiently. This courier sends out the delivery every day any time.
This means, you can get your parcel delivered on weekends too. Note that, weekend delivery requires special request when placing order and an extra fee might be needed. 

Though it does not handle domestic shipment (in the US) but it does conduct helicopter deliveries in many major cities.
Generally speaking, this courier is an ideal choice to deliver small packages from China. It has its benefits in terms of delivery time and shipping fee. Small packages take only 3 days shipping from China to Europe and only 2 day shipping from China to countries in Southeast Asia.

Moreover, should there be any problem with the shipping package, it is always solved quickly.

You can get discount price for package that weighs more than 21 kg and the package shipping fee is actually cheaper than EMS in many other countries. Add to that, DHL is able to ship credit cards. It is not under restricted items to import. Bottom line, DHL is a superior international courier with many advantages with easy DHL tracking service.

FedEx Tracking: How Reliable is It?

When you are buying or shipping stuff online, you need to keep track of the status of the shipment and the proof it’s been delivered. Lost stuff is a common problem with both domestic and international couriers and that’s why tracking is needed. FedEx is no different.
They update their tracking status every time a parcel is scanned. This happens when the parcel is picked up, when it arrives or leaves customs, at FedEx sorting hubs as well as when it is loaded into the van.
You can do FedEx tracking by using tracking service such as ResiTarif to see where your parcel is in real time in case you are worried about this kind of thing.

How to Do FedEx Tracking is a reliable tracking service website to do FedEx tracking. In case you are concerned about your parcel being lost during the shipment or whether or not it’s been shipped, all you need to do is go to this website and you’ll already be redirected to the tracking page.
Simply enter your tracking number and then choose the courier (in this case FedEx).
Then, click Track button and wait for a moment while the website is gathering the information. That’s about it. No need to fuss and I’s totally free.
The “In Transit” code

When you are doing FedEx tracking, it is not impossible that your parcel is in “in transit” status.
That is not in the least bit worrying! It just means your parcel is on the way and it has been shipped, picked up as well as loaded on a plane or truck. It is basically moving toward the destination.
Note that, it also means it has yet to be loaded on a truck for final delivery.

Good Thing about FedEx

One of the many reasons why many people choose this as their preferred international courier is that they don’t care if the box is full of old labels from pas shipping such as USPS or UPS. As a matter of fact, they accept packages from other companies.

UPS boxes are being reused at some FedEx facilities and even some USPS packages fly through their system on a regular basis. In case a service box other than FedEx winds up at a FedEx facility, the worker will notify them and they will immediately come pick it up so it will not be languishing in delivery.
Doing a FedEx tracking will help you keep track of your parcel.

UPS Tracking: Track Your Package with and without the Number

Just like FedEx, USPS and any other international couriers, you can do tracking info with UPS too. If you have been using their service more than once, you might have noticed that their tracking number is quite long. 

That’s because the number contains lots of information such as the parcel number, UPS service level and number of the shipper. This is intended to make it easy for the customers to learn more about their parcel shipment.
You can find out by yourself by getting your own UPS tracking info. Find out how below!

UPS Tracking

Every time we buy something online that has to be shipped internationally, it is incredibly important to track your shipment every once in a while to make sure it’s not on lost and is on its way to be delivered. 

No matter how perfect the UPS Company might be, getting your UPS tracking info during the shipment process is recommended.
The link automatically redirects you to its tracking page. Then, simply put the UPS tracking number and click UPS as the courier choice. Click “Track” button and let the website does its job. Within a moment, you will get all the shipment information that you need and its shipment status.

How does the UPS Tracking Work

The UPS tracking works by scanning the barcode on the parcel at many locations as the parcel moves through the UPS network. Those results then get loaded into a database in UPS computers. 

To put it simply, when you track the barcode or the tracking number, a query is made to the database and the results of the tracking is displayed.
Sometimes, you might get a notification that says “arrival scan”. Bear in mind that UPS has physical scans in which the parcel has been scanned physically by an associate as well as systemic scan in which the trailer containing your parcel has arrived on the yard. An arrival scan essentially is when the truck has arrived but has yet to be physically scanned. 

Once it is physically scanned, the shipment progress will change to “out for delivery”. Moreover, UPS now offers “Import Scan” as well in their tracking info. It means that the shipment has cleared import procedures in the receiving country,

However, should you ever lose your UPS tracking number, you still can track your UPS package by calling UPS or visit their Facebook page. They will help you find your package with the consignee name and the address.

USPS tracking: How to Keep Track of Your Packages

USPS is one international courier that you can always depend on for shipping parcels especially stuff of low value, low importance and no speed sensitivity. You can even depend on this company to send 10K solicitation letters to your customer list.
USPS goes to door to door every day and can provide timely economical service. Granted, their delivery service is top-notch but you still need to do tracking at least once to make sure your parcels are properly shipped and not lost somewhere. USPS tracking is quite easy. Find out how below!

How to Track USPS packages

USPS tracking or tracking for any international couriers in general is important to make sure your packages do not get lost, sent to other facilities or delivered to other customers. One thing that customers can do is doing tracking on their parcels.

You can benefit from this free online tracking service https:/ All you need to do is enter your tracking number and then choose the courier which is USPS in this instance and simply click on the “track” button. The website will gather the information and give you all the details you need regarding your shipment status.

This website is totally reliable and free to check packaging from other international couriers as well.
If the Tracking says still “In Transit to Destination”

When doing a USPS tracking, it might say the tracking still gives “In Transit to destination” when the estimated delivery date has already passed. If this happens, it means that it’s in a mode of transportation to the next stop on the way to your address maybe a GMF (General Mail Facility) that services the zip code the parcel is going to.
On the next stop, the local post office, you will receive an update and then the package is arrived at Unit and it will be out for delivery. By then, the parcel will be delivered.

Meanwhile, just in case it says your USPS priority tracking is not updating, that means you have to be more specific about how you paid and whether or not your printed your own labels. If you did, you also need to specify whether you bring it to a postal clerk for processing or only put it in a mail collection box.
Sometimes they don’t get scanned until delivered.

It could be short paid and are held aside if you paid at home and printed your own labels.
Furthermore, it could be because you used the automated postal center in PO lobby and your label might have been poorly attached and left in the machine.
The USPS tracking system has always been up to 95% so customers should be rest assured.