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Will Harvey is a serial entrepreneur who began producing software at a very basic age. He produced Music Construction Set, which was the first music page manager for private computers, as he survived fifteen. In 1995, he founded Sandcastle. In 1998, he established There, Inc., which was a personal 3-D social world. He founded his subsequent virtual world, IMVU, in 2003. He has also been associated with some video games, many of who have become distributed by Electronic Arts. He acquired the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral marks with computer technology from Stanford University.

SM: Will, where are you through then what is the beginning of your own private story?

WH: I become a Florida native. The categorization of episodes that resulted in IMVU began after i was a top school scholar also carved one of the first outcome for Electric Arts. It was the first music sheet editor for private computers. That ended up becoming a popular selling point, like the key term processor for pc.

SM: How did people plug this?

WH: Electronic Arts at the time, in the earlier 1980s, became a writer that published third-party games. Much like the author would submit through a book publishing company, causes of record games could reach out to Digital Arts. Most of these authors were older, although I did not really learn any better and it seemed that I was able to write a program just like those many people were going. I managed to get them to pay attention to me although I lived a kid.

I chose to write Music Construction Set as I did only entered a cassette entertainment with I needed to put music into the video game. The situation was that we did not know how to read music simply because I happen not a musician. I created that song editor so that we can go to a music store, buy a few piano sheet harmony, with reproduce visually on the display precisely what the piece music looked like, and the software may then move to into a succession of music tones. I created the system for my own interest, and it turned out to be a program that many of many people became interested in. The funny how things work out.

When I wrote the record game I became only fifteen. I did not see any better, so I created this film game that we felt was just like any game being marketed at the time. I wanted to find a publisher however I stayed just fifteen, so I did not learn everything about publishers. I attended a local computer shop, looked at the back of the pack on the activities from the computer look, with notice this got the best deal artwork. Of which is how I cut the publisher. The company became Crucial Software with Sacramento.

I arranged them upward then presented myself. I raised to speak with the head also since I would not see any better, they point out OK. I explained what I did done then offered my program, also he explained I could bring it over with establish that. Another weekend I stole the Greyhound shuttle to Sacramento then created them the game. That was the first step. They were not as excited about the game when I sense they should get remained, so I took the game to some other writers. Electronic Painting was one.

Like I survived talking to Electronic Arts, they determined about the music software and became extremely enthusiastic about it. The melody agenda became a new type of “creativity” software. The tape game did not wind up being a giant success, but the music program did.

imvu credits